Punjab Public Service Comission

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Results & Eligibility / Scrutiny Criteria

PPSC, which stands for the Punjab Public Service Commission, is an official organization in Pakistan. It’s responsible for recruiting and hiring government employees in the province of Punjab. The official website of PPSC is www.ppsc.gop.pk

The commission conducts exams and interviews to select candidates for various government positions. Its aim is to ensure fair and transparent recruitment processes to build a skilled and efficient workforce for public service in Punjab.

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Apply Online

Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) offers an easy and convenient online application process. PPSC regularly announces job vacancies in various departments and conducts fair and transparent recruitment processes. To apply online, you can visit the official PPSC website, where you’ll find detailed job advertisements, eligibility criteria, and instructions for filling out the application form.


Please note that all the information on this site is just for informational and educational purposes for job seekers. This is not official PPSC website.

Upcoming Jobs

If you’re looking for job opportunities in Punjab, Pakistan, keep an eye out for upcoming vacancies from the Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC). PPSC regularly announces new job openings across various departments, offering opportunities for individuals seeking employment in the government sector.

These upcoming jobs cover a wide range of fields and positions, providing opportunities for candidates with diverse skills and qualifications. Stay updated with PPSC announcements to explore potential career opportunities and take the first step towards securing a job in the public service sector in Punjab.