How to Edit Application on PPSC after Submission?

Once you’ve successfully submitted your application on the Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) portal, you may find the need to make changes or updates. However, it’s important to note that editing your application is only possible if it has been submitted successfully. This means that after you’ve completed the submission process, you can still make changes if necessary.

Whether you need to correct a mistake, update your information, or add new details, the PPSC allows applicants to edit their applications within a certain timeframe. This flexibility ensures that candidates have the opportunity to provide accurate and up-to-date information, improving their chances of a successful application.

If your application has not yet been submitted successfully, try again to apply online for that post.

1) First of all, visit this link . You will see the following form

edit ppsc application

2) Enter your CNIC number in the designated field.

3) Input the Application Number you received when you submitted your application.

4) Enter the Token Number that was sent to your email after submission.

5) Click on Proceed

If you didn’t receive the Token Number in your email inbox, remember to check your Spam or Junk folder. If you still can’t find it, you can request a new Token Number by clicking the provided link. Similarly, if you forgot your Application Number, there’s a link provided for that too.

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